Derksen Co. provides Auto ID solutions including bar code printing and RFID encoding. These tools help businesses streamline operations and increase efficiency in production. Offering both thermal transfer and thermal direct printing, Derksen Co. can provide Auto ID labeling that meets a variety of needs. In addition, Derksen Co. supplies barcoding and RFID printing software, alongside printing equipment, so that companies can set up their own Auto ID imprinting production.

Barcoding and Auto ID Solutions

Alongside our custom label printing, Derksen Co. also provides barcoding and Auto ID solutions. Barcodes and RFID tags help companies increase efficiency, reduce costs and errors, and meet regulatory requirements. We supply all of the necessary equipment, software, and materials for your company to imprint barcode labels and RFID smart labels. We provide blank label stock, ribbons, label application and rewinder equipment, printers, and software, alongside continuous support and training, making the barcoding and RFID production process easy and seamless. Derksen Co. supplies both NiceLabel and BarTender software. These two technologies are leaders within the supply chain labeling industry. Derksen Co. is proud to supply barcode label and RFID encoding and printing technology that grows with your business and product line so that your software and company can develop simultaneously.


RFID Printing and Encoding

Radio frequency identification, or RFID, is an automatic identification technology that allows digital data to be encoded in an RFID tag. This data encoded into the RFID tag or "smart label" can then be scanned or captured by a reader using radio waves. This is different than barcoding identification, which uses optically scanned identification that needs to be visible to the scanner to have the data captured. RFID tags and labels do not need to be seen, which makes them advantageous for applications where visibility is limited or impossible. RFID also allows for real-time transmission of data without human intervention. Ideal for situations where immediate business intelligence is required or in harsh conditions where barcodes would be susceptible to damage, RFID presents an ideal solution for projects that require highly durable identification tags or where the identification source is hidden.

Thermal Direct and Thermal Transfer Printing

Derksen Co. produces thermal direct and thermal transfer barcode and RFID labels. These methods are the most commonly used in Auto ID label printing. Each method has its own benefits. By offering both methods, Derksen Co. seeks to provide auto identification solutions that are well-suited to your company's needs and business structure. Alongside barcode and RFID label production, Derksen also sells thermal direct and thermal transfer printers, allowing companies the flexibility and convenience of producing their own barcode and RFID identification labels.

Thermal Direct Pressure Sensitive Labels

This printing process allows companies to efficiently and affordably create professionally produced customized labels for general identification in standard and non-standard sizing.

Thermal Transfer Pressure Sensitive Labels

Thermal direct printing does not require the use of a ribbon, saving time and simplifying the printing process. Designed for short-lifespan labels, this option is a ideal for logistical solutions.

Bar code and RFID Software - Label Management Systems

Kringle Label with Barcode and Variable Imprinted Data


NiceLabel is a label management system that standardizes the label printing process onto one platform. NiceLabel makes label design easy and streamlines the process, making it convenient to execute quality control measures and adapt your label to your growing needs.


BarTender is a barcoding and RFID printing software that converts letters, numbers, and even binary data into a pattern of lines, squares, or dots. This barcode then can be read at high speed by a barcode scanner or RFID scanner and converted back into the original information. An industry leader in label management systems, BarTender helps companies streamline their day-to-day operations.