Custom Beer Label Printing

Custom beer label printing and beer packaging design are some of our specialities at Derksen Co. We help design and print labels for bottles, cans, crowlers, and growlers. Using flexographic and digital printing techniques, we produce labels and shrink sleeves for the beer industry. Craft beer, microwbreweries, tap rooms, and large breweries alike will all find labeling solutions to suit their needs at Derksen Co.

Beer Label Printing for Cans and BOttles

Labels are powerful. They’re the first interaction a customer has with your product and can determine how a consumer perceives your brand and interacts with your product. Your label’s branding accounts for most of your first impressions and determines the personality of your entire product line. A high percentage of shoppers choose products from the label alone, meaning your label needs to do the legwork for your brand. Here at Derksen Co., we specialize in the creation of custom labels that tell your brand’s story. Our passion is connecting brands and customers through label design and packaging artwork.

Craft Beer, Crowler and Growler Labels

Ultimately, the print technique that you choose has to fit your product, budget, and design goals. Both options have their benefits and place in the beer labeling industry. Derksen Co. can produce both digital and flexographic printed beer bottle and can labels. We have experience producing labels for craft breweries and large breweries alike, as well as experience with crowler and growler labels for brewpubs and taprooms.

Flexographic and Digital Printing techniques

When designing your beer bottle or beer can labels, you want to first start by identifying your individual needs, as well as your budget. This will help you determine what kind of printing you want to choose: flexographic or digital. Each style of printing will give you certain benefits, and depending upon the artwork, feel, quantity, and cost you want to spend on your labels, you may want to opt for one style over the other.

Digital printing is excellent for short print runs, meaning anywhere from 500 labels to 3,000 labels. This type of printing doesn’t require the use of plates, expediting the printing process and bringing costs down. Ideal for short run marketing campaigns, like seasonal products or limited releases, digital printing can provide vibrant artwork for an affordable price. Digital printing can also produce tactile effects with various applications of varnish and metallic accents can be integrated into artwork using metallic inks or metallic substrates. Digital allows for a quick project turn around and is well-suited to customers who are in the beginning stages of brand development who need extra flexibility while developing their specific brand image.  

On the other side of the aisle, flexographic printing is more versatile in its substrate usage and allows for more unique designs, but it is best-suited to longer print runs of 3,000 labels or more and requires the use of plates, meaning that print runs take longer to complete. If your print run consists of an order of 3,000 labels or more, flexographic can be a more cost-effective option. In addition, flexographic printing can work with a wider variety of substrates, or label materials, meaning you can produce more unique labels with this style of printing. Aside from labeling material, flexography also has the capability of incorporating backprinting, embossing and debossing, foiling, and screen-applied varnishes. Flexographic print runs also produce at a higher speed than digital printing and is more accurate in its application than digital.

Shrink Sleeves vs Labels

Shrink sleeve labels and traditional labels vary in their designs and approach to product packaging. Shrink sleeve labels use heat in their application to form to the product container. This creates a seamless design that mirrors the effects of screen printing. Labels cover a portion of the product container and can be layered, intricately die cut, or specialty printed to create unique designs. Personal preference and design needs will determine which type of product labeling you will want to choose. One thing to note is that labels can be either digitally or flexographic printed, while shrink sleeve labels require flexographic techniques to be produced.

No matter your labeling needs, Derksen Co. has a solution for you. Our team is experienced in custom beer label production, with a special emphasis on craft beer labels. Branding your product is our passion. Contact us for more information on our custom label production and other packaging and printing solutions that can help bring your product to market. Call us at 920-685-4000 or send us an email at