A Guide to Producing Food Labels

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How to Make Nutrition Facts Labels for Food Products

When it comes to producing food products, labeling is not only necessary to market and sell your merchandise but it is required to communicate important information about the makeup of your products and their nutritional values. Getting your label right can be tricky, but with the help of proper software and label printing equipment, you can rest assured your customers will have all the necessary information at their fingertips when they look at your products. Read on to find out how to make nutrition facts labels for food products.


At Derksen Co. we specialize in label production of all kinds. As a full-service printing house, we not only print labels but also provide companies with the tools to set up their own label production. In the food industry, it is necessary to be able to adapt packaging with recipe changes, create new labels for upcoming items, and seasonally change your marketing strategy and product offering. With the help of label printing software systems, like nutraCoster™, you can easily adapt your labels to fit your products.

nutraCoster™ is a label design software that is specially designed for the food industry. Easy-to-use and intuitively designed, this software is streamlined to meet the needs of food producers everywhere. This program performs nutrition analysis, generates nutrition facts data, ingredient lists, and can store recipes so you can have an inventory of data readily available as your production needs arise. Working in conjunction with our thermal printing equipment and label stock supply, nutraCoster™ can allow you and your company to get up and running quickly and efficiently.


NiceLabel is a label design software that allows you to easily create and print product labels for your merchandise. Barcode-capable and easy-to-use, this software is perfect for food producers who want to take their label production into their own hands. Working with Derksen Co.’s thermal printing equipment, NiceLabel allows your shop to design and print labels depending upon your needs, giving you increased flexibility when it comes to changing your product line.

Thermal Printing

Thermal printing has two avenues of approach: thermal direct and thermal transfer. Depending upon your products, the life and durability of your label needs, your preferences, and your label design, we’ll customize a selection of printing equipment, label printing software, and supplies to help you get your label production up and running. Our team are experts in developing labeling solutions for a variety of business and have special expertise in the food label production industry. We stock ribbons, label rewinders, label applicators, and blank label stock. In addition to blank label stock, we can also produce branded label stock on which you can imprint your product’s information. This option allows you to further customize your label and make a lasting impact with your packaging.

Food Product Labeling in Omro, WI

We hope you found this guide to producing food product labels helpful and informative. If you would like to learn more about how to make nutrition labels for food products, contact a member of the Derksen Co. team by navigating to our contact us page or our inquiries page. Call us at (920) 685-4000 or email team@derksenco.com.

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