What Are Shrink Sleeves?

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Shrink Sleeve Label Information and Benefits

Shrink Sleeve labels are full-color 360-degree printed labels that utilize heat in the application process to conform the label to the shape of the product to which it is applied. These labels are printed on either plastic or polyester film material. The durability of shrink sleeves make them well-suited for products that encounter moisture or friction.

Why Should You Choose Shrink Wrap Artwork?

One of the largest benefits of employing shrink sleeve labels versus traditional labels is the ability to have your artwork conform to unique packaging shapes. Vibrant graphics and sleek applications make shrink sleeves ideal for a variety of package dimensions and shapes, such as bottles and cans. The 360-degree artwork maximizes branding opportunities and allows you to create eye-catching artwork with bold colors and a wide range of specialty applications, creating more opportunities to connect with customers and create brand loyalty.

Ease Logistical Concerns and Create Flexibility in Packaging Design

Shrink sleeve artwork can mimic the same effect as screen-printed bottles and cans, allowing companies to easily change artwork without needing to house a large inventory of printed bottles or cans for a range of products. With shrink sleeve labels, companies can stock a generic package and adjust artwork to suit various changes such as special releases, seasonal items, limited release items, and changes in product labeling or branding design.

What Types of Specialty Printing Techniques can I Apply to Shrink Wrap labels?

Shrink sleeve labels are typically printed on plastic or polyester substrate. Flexographic printing techniques allow for a number of specialty coatings and effects to be imprinted upon the substrate, creating intricate details and tactile finishes. You can employ screen printed raised varnish, metabolized foils, and holographic foils to create texture on your product’s surface, encouraging a sensory experience when consumers pick your product up off the shelf. The printed substrates, Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol-modified (PETG) film or Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) film, can be combined with varnishes to create either matte or gloss finishes. Varnish can also be applied in certain areas of the printed shrink sleeve label, allowing you to create striking visual detail through the use of combined gloss elements and matte elements, as well as accentuate certain portions of your imagery.

How do Shrink wrap Sleeves Work?

A shrink sleeve label consists of heat-sensitive material that is seamed with openings on the top and bottom to create a “sleeve.” The sleeve is placed around the product to which it will be applied. Once heat is applied to the material, the sleeve will begin to shrink or compress to the product. Imagery is specially manipulated so that the final conformed image does not warp, and branding is not compromised. The artwork will be proportioned correctly once the sleeve is shrunk to the product container.

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