Counting Down our Favorite Beer Labels

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Top 10 Craft Beer Label Designs

When it comes to beer labels, design is key. A great label can make a huge impact, especially in the beer industry. With the influx of a plethora of independent beer makers, microbreweries, and large domestics, the market is tough to crack. Picking an eye-catching label design can help customers select your brew. From there, your product will speak for itself. Today, we’re counting down our favorite beer labels and detailing our top 10 craft beer label designs!

10. Quaff On Brewing Co

These beer labels feature high-contrast imagery and a silky finish to create a label that is pleasing to the touch.

Quaff On Brewing Co.JPG

9. Offshore Ale Co

Offshore Ale Co combines bold colors and crisp artwork to set their brews apart on the shelf.

8. Elysian Brewing Company

Intricate designs and brooding, dark color schemes make these labels uniquely eye-catching.

7. Four Horsemen Brewing Company

Artistically designed and expertly executed, these Four Horsemen Brewing Company labels are a cut above.

6. Woodchuck Hard Cider

This Woodchuck Hard Cider label incorporates a transparent substrate to make the red coloring and the white informative material on the label stand out once applied to the bottle.


5. Three Taverns Brewery

Intense lettering and a slew of foil details makes this metallic label our fifth pick!


4. Fox River Brewing Company

Fox River Brewing Company’s Blu Bobber and Red Bobber labels are aesthetically pleasing. Their striking color combinations, pared with the thermochromic elements on the Red Bobber Label, make these selections one of our favorites. When chilled, the figure on the Red Bobber label turns from white to red.

3. Lion’s Tail Brewing Company

This Lion’s Tail Brewing Company label is designed for crower use, meaning it can be written on with the information regarding the can’s contents and withstand moisture and friction.


2. Joseph James Brewing Company

This label incorporates foil detailing, embossing, and a serious amount of style. Taking our second spot, this Joseph James Brewing Company barrel-aged rye wine ale label is a beautiful combination of artwork and eye-catching details.


1. Hopworks

These Hopworks labels are built to impress. The tactile details and high-contrast imagery makes these labels our number one pick! Interactive and engaging, these labels speak volumes.

There you have our top 10 craft beer label designs. Here at Derksen Co., we specialize in the production of labels and packaging for the beer industry. No matter the size of your production, we’ve got a solution to market your brew. You can go to our custom labels page to get more information about our labeling solutions and contact us with further questions. Drop us a message or give us a call at 920-685-4000. You can also email a team member at!

Nikita Willeford