Custom Labels

Derksen Co. produces custom product labels in the Wisconsin area. Derksen Co. is a full-service label printer and manufacturer. Offering a wide range of labeling technologies including flexographic printing, digital printing, InkJet and MemJet, and Color Logic capabilities, Derksen’s printing abilities span a variety of techniques to meet every labeling need.

Custom Labels and Product Packaging

The average consumer spends about ten seconds choosing a product. Unique labeling can help your company make the most of this window. Derksen Co. offers a vast array of diversity with its custom label production out of the Fox Valley, WI area. Custom labels can help you uniquely brand your product and connect with consumers. Offering both digital printing and flexographic printing capabilities, Derksen can offer embossing, foil stamping, glow in the dark ink, two-sided labels, specialty coatings, and more. The only limits to Derksen’s production are the limits of your creativity.

Flexographic and Digital Printing in WIsconsin

Flexography, often abbreviated as flexo, is a printing technique which utilizes a flexible relief plate to imprint upon almost any type of substrate. This type of printing produces high-end labels and can utilize a variety of techniques to produce unique labels with high-quality details. Flexography allows for a great amount of intricacy and can produce artwork that combines sharp details with tactile finishes and great sense of depth to its imagery. 


Digital printing spans a wide array of techniques and can produce vibrant, engaging artwork. This printing process does not involve plates, but instead uses laser and inkjet techniques to transfer pigment onto a variety of substrates. Extensive variety, quick production, and cost-effectiveness are all benefits of the digital printing process. Derksen produces digitally printed labels using Inkjet, Memjet, and Color Logic printing technologies.

Color Logic

Color Logic is a four-color process metallic color system. This digital printing process allows printers to create up to 250 different metallic colors in a single print run. It also allows for a variety of different effects, such as gradations, watermarks, and dimension. This printing process produces unique labels that present a cost-effective alternative to foil usage in label production. Color Logic produces vibrant labels that can showcase striking details and imagery that has depth and character.

InkJet and MemJet

InkJet and MemJet printing are processes that re-create a digital image by propelling droplets of ink onto paper, plastic, or other substrates. MemJet is a technology that grew out of the existing InkJet printing process. It has the propensity for greater control of the droplets of ink, and can apply the ink in a more refined fashion, allowing for greater resolution and clarity. This type of digital printing allows for bold colors and crisp details. Especially suited to the most intricate label designs, InkJet and MemJet printing can showcase minute details with acute clarity.