Data Collection Devices

Derksen Co. supplies auto identification mobile applications and handheld devices that read barcode and RFID labels. Personalized mobile applications are built to suit your company’s needs and mobile devices are individually selected, ensuring your company is outfitted with the best software and technology for its individual operations. From inventory management, to mobile inspections and more, Derksen Co. provides efficient solutions for your business.

Auto Id Applications and Devices

Derksen Co. provides auto identification applications and devices that can help your company operate effectively. Auto identification devices read barcode labels and RFID tags allowing companies to easily track inventory, perform mobile inspections, manage a retail environment, and much more. These applications and systems are built directly for your business and its needs. Individualized applications and devices help you manage your business and perform day-to-day operations quickly and easily.


We develop mobile applications with TracerPlus. An industry leader in mobile software development, TracerPlus is at the forefront of software development for enterprises. With the help of the TracerPlus platform, Derksen Co. takes care of the development process to bring you an application that is specifically designed for your needs and your budget.

Data Collection Devices

Derksen Co. stocks a variety of hand-held scanning and mobile computing devices that deploy our mobile applications. Specially selected based on your needs, our devices are sourced from industry-leading developers and manufacturers. Depending upon your application needs and usage, we’ll select the appropriate devices for your business.


We stock Honeywell handheld computers. Industry leaders in their field, the Honeywell product line is focused on providing businesses with durable, lightweight, efficient, and effective handheld mobile computing devices. Targeted functionality and enhanced connectivity are found with the Honeywell product line. Featuring Android™ and Windows® operating systems, these devices are user-friendly and seamlessly integrate with our mobile application technology.