Derksen Co. provides label printing equipment to the Wisconsin area and beyond. We stock label applicators, rewinders, dispensers, ribbons, blank label stock, and thermal printers. Alongside training and continuous support, Derksen Co. makes it possible to bring label production onto your company’s production floor.

Label Printing Equipment

Derksen Co. offers equipment with which you can imprint your own labels and barcodes. From ribbons, to printers, to label applicators and rewinders, to blank label stock, Derksen Co. makes it easy for your company to set up label manufacturing. Printing your own labels can help you increase efficiency in production and eases the logistical process of getting your product to market.

Toshiba Barcode Printer

Thermal Printer Sales and Service

Derksen Co. stocks a variety of thermal transfer printers that can meet the needs of a multitude of business models. We offer industry-leading technology, including Zebra, Toshiba, Datamax, and Sato, ensuring that we have a solution for your print job. Our commitment to providing our customers with technology that meets their needs doesn’t stop with our printer sales. Derksen Co. proudly services printers, keeping your equipment up-to-date and running smoothly. We offer comprehensive support and maintenance to ensure that your business remains operating at optimal levels. 


Derksen Co. offers a wide range of Zebra printers that are dependable and durable. Offering barcode and RFID capabilities, the Zebra line of printers has a solution for your needs. Easily integratable and built to handle demands such as mobility and harsh conditions, Zebra printers are designed to be adaptable and efficient solutions for Auto ID printing.


Toshiba thermal barcode printers allow for the printing of various label applications from receipts to tags, barcode labels, and ID bracelets, among other products. Toshiba printers have easily integrable software and are user-friendly products that can have your print job up and running quickly and efficiently.


Datamax thermal direct and thermal transfer printers are comprehensive and cost-effective industrial label printers. Serving a wide range of printing needs and capabilities, Datamax printers are smart options for your label production requirements.


Sato has long been recognized in the printing industry for its durability and capability. Derksen Co. is proud to offer Sato thermal printers as a comprehensive solution for barcoding and Automatic Identification (Auto-ID) print jobs.

Rewinders, Applicators, Label Stock and Ribbons

Aside from printers, label production requires a variety of tools to produce, manage, and apply your labels after the initial print process is complete. Derksen Co. is proud to offer an extensive list of label rewinders, applicators, ribbons, and blank label stock.

Label Applicator and Rewinder

Label Applicators

Derksen Co. supplies a variety of label applicators from top manufacturers in the labeling industry. From manual applicators to automatic variations, Derksen Co. has a label applicator that will fit your production needs. From suppliers such as Take-A-Label, Labelmate, and Novexx, we have a wide range of industry-leading options from which to choose.

Label Dispensers

Label dispensers save time and reduce waste associated with manual label application. If you have a product or use which requires a manual label application or a separate label application system, label dispensers ensure accurate and timely dispension, keeping your production running smoothly. Derksen Co. offers a variety of manufacturers and varieties of dispensers to accommodate a wide range of needs.

Label Rewinders

Derksen Co. provides a variety of label rewinders to compliment your label imprinting production process. Once you imprint barcode labels, RFID tags, or other types of labels, you’ll need to rewind them onto a spool in order to use them in a label application machine. We provide industry-leading brands and have a wide range of options to suit all levels of label production.

Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Another essential component in label production is the ribbon. We proudly provide quality ribbons from top producers in the labeling industry to devliver the highest quality ribbons possible to our customers. 

Blank Label Stock

Derksen Co. offers blank label stock with which you can produce your own labels. We offer standard and non-standard sizing in our blank label stock, allowing us to accommodate any print job.