Meat and Cheese Labels

Derksen Co. is an experienced meat and cheese product labeling and packaging producer that has served cheesemakers around the nation and here locally in Wisconsin. We support all sizes of operations, both large and small, and can help you get up and running with custom product labels, barcoding, and inventory management solutions to take your products to market and optimize your operations.

 Meat and Cheese Product Labels and Packaging

Meat and cheese product labels and packaging are some of our specialties here at Derksen Co. We have years of experience producing product labeling and providing customers with imprinting equipment that can suit the needs of their business and product line. What makes Derksen Co.’s approach to meat and cheese labels unique is that at Derksen Co., we’re a full production printing house. From the graphic design process to the material choice, to press production, we provide our customers with an holistic approach to the labeling process, making sure that every step in their label production is specifically catered to their vision and needs. Aside from in-house production, Derksen Co. can also provide you with the ability to imprint your own labels, which is especially applicable in the meat and cheese industry.

We can supply you with pre-printed labels that have a blank area on which you can print your unique product information. This imprinted data may include the product barcode, the nutrition facts, the ingredient statement, and the product description, allowing you to have one label that covers all of your products. Utilizing one pre-printed label for all of your products reduces costs associated with labeling, eases inventory management, and minimizes waste. The ability to adapt information with each print run eases logistical and inventory concerns. You can have any number of labels printed, but are only required to stock one label. This makes inventory projections a breeze and gives you a great amount of flexibility when introducing new products, changing recipes, or updating nutrition facts labels. This way, your labeling can adapt easily and seamlessly to your rate of production, saving money and reducing waste.

Brandon Meats Holiday Label

Brandon Meats Pre-Printed Label

This pre-printed label design makes branding easy by combining a standard layout on which customers can imprint variable data to suit their entire product line.

Printing and Application Equipment

Thermal transfer and thermal direct printing techniques are well-suited to meat and cheese shops that have an extensive product line, but are looking for a way to sustainably produce and print their own product labels. Using a branded blank label stock, companies can produce a variety of label variations from one single label stock, making logistical planning and inventory control easy and convenient. You provide the variable data for your product labels and Derksen provides a high-quality branded label, or blank label stock, for your purposes. In-house label imprinting can help to lower costs, streamline the labeling process, minimize waste, and create greater flexibility in your branding so you can adapt to new and emerging product lines instantly.

Brandon Meats Branded Blank Label Stock

In-house printing

Thermal transfer and thermal direct printing onto branded label stock saves time, eases inventory management concerns, and lets you label your whole product line with one label stock.

Printers and Label Applicators

Derksen Co. supplies thermal transfer and thermal direct transfer printers that are especially suited for barcode labels and nutrition facts labels. We stock Zebra, Toshiba, Datamax, and Sato printers. We offer comprehensive service and support for our labeling products, making Derksen Co. a truly unique supplier of printing machinery. We also supply label application devices. These include automatic labeling devices and semi-automatic labeling devices. Whatever your product line demands, Derksen Co. has a solution to meet your needs.

NiceLabel and NutraCoaster

Our printers operate with the help of NiceLabel and NutraCoaster software. NiceLabel is an auto identification printing software and NutraCoaster is a nutrition label printing software. Both of these technologies seamlessly integrate with our thermal direct and thermal transfer printers, allowing you the ability to affordably and easily bring your products to market.

Inventory Management

As an extension of our barcode printing technology, we also offer handheld computing devices that can be used for data collection, making your inventory process easy, minimizing errors and optimizing your operations.

Flexo and Digital Custom Labeling

Alongside our printing equipment, we produce high-quality flexographic and digitally printed product labels. We specialize in eye-catching designs and a particular attention to detail that makes brands stand out on store shelves. Whether you’re looking for a single branded label, or specific labels for all of your products, Derksen Co. has the expertise and experience to find a solution that is right for you and your company.

To find out more information about meat and cheese labeling and product packaging, contact our team here at Derksen Co. You can reach us by calling 920-685-4000 or by sending an email to