Derksen Co. Est. 1863

At Derksen Co. we believe packaging is powerful. We are dedicated to creating products that help brands to connect with their customers and create lasting and meaningful relationships. Derksen Co. provides custom label solutions and a wide range of marketing tools to help companies brand their products and grow their business.

Commercial Printing in Omro WI

Derksen Co. was first established as a manufacturing and wholesale business in 1863. Since its beginnings, Derksen has gone through a variety of changes to become the commercial printing company that it is today. Though much has evolved since Herman Derksen first founded the company, our values remain constant. We’re committed to providing our customers with excellent service and quality products. 

Derksen Co. facility in Omro, Wisconsin

If you can dream it, we can print it. Our experienced team specializes in the production of innovative packaging solutions. We create all kinds of marketing tools and unique branding products that can help your business set itself apart. Derksen works with you to define your brand and create custom label solutions for your company. We have both flexographic and digital printing capabilities and offer Inkjet pressure sensitive labels, thermal transfer pressure sensitive labels, and thermal direct pressure sensitive labels. Our capabilities span a wide range of techniques such as embossing, foil stamping, glow-in-the-dark ink, two-sided labels, specialty coatings, and more.

The Derksen Difference

At Derksen Co., you’ll find a truly unique approach to label production and manufacturing. We focus on providing a holistic approach to label sales, meaning we are with you from start to finish. From the artwork, to the label application equipment, we are a complete label manufacturer and labeling equipment provider. Our unique ability to meet customers needs at every step of the labeling process has lead us to coin the term, “the Derksen difference.”

Derksen 1863.jpg

From artwork that is produced in-house by our graphic designer and experienced in-house press operation, to the offering of label rewinders, printers, and application tools, and to our auto ID solutions, the Derksen difference is one of quality, care, and convenience. We are here to provide you and your business all the tools you need to successfully brand your products, track inventory and sales, and take your product to market. With over 30 years of printing and labeling experience, we are committed to our customers and meeting their every need.

Wisconsin Owned and Operated

Derksen Co. has spanned three centuries. Created on October 6, 1863, Derksen has a rich history within the Fox Valley community. Wisconsin owned and operated since its conception, Derksen’s core values are community and loyalty. Derksen Co. has a passion for creating packaging that allows brands to connect with their customers and create lasting relationships, operating under the belief that product labeling is powerful.