Shrink Sleeve Labels

Derksen Co. produces 360-degree shrink sleeve labels that utilize flexographic printing techniques. Suitable for a wide range of products, shrink wrap packaging presents a flexible and creative alternative to traditional label application and screen printing on products. Bold colors and tactile finishes are combined with high-quality artwork to create branding tools that stand apart from traditional marketing approaches.

Shrink Sleeve Labels

Shrink sleeve labels are a durable product that combines 360-degree artwork with materials that are suitable for products that encounter moisture and friction. These full-color labels are printed on plastic or polyester film materials using a flexographic printing process. Shrink-wrapped sleeves are suitable for all types of container shapes and sizes, making this branding option extremely flexible and well-suited to companies that produce products that deviate from traditional styling. 

Flexographic Printed Shrink Sleeves

Shrink sleeves are printed with flexographic printing techniques, allowing for vibrant colors, bold designs, and a variety of unique artwork additions such as screen printed raised varnish, metabolized foils, and holographic foils. Flexography produces high-end shrink sleeve labels that combine unique details and high-quality materials together to make for a truly striking product. Tactile finishes and intricate designs can be imprinted upon the shrink sleeve substrates, which is usually clear PETG film or PVC film, to create a 360-degree artwork, allowing businesses to create branding that has a personal and direct appeal to customers.

Shrink Wrap Packaging for Bottles

In addition to stylistic concerns, shrink sleeves allow companies to stock a single container for multiple products, while differentiating the product presentation through the use of uniquely printed shrink sleeve labels. This can save cost associated with stocking a variety of containers for various products and allows companies to quickly adapt branding and artwork to suit seasonal items, limited-edition products, and artwork adaptations.