Cannabis Labeling and Packaging FAQ

Cannabis Labeling and Packaging FAQ

Dispensary Label Printing and Branding Information

Disclaimer: The information contained in this blog posting is not intended to be an exhaustive or authoritative list of cannabis labeling laws and regulations. Please consult the appropriate state authorities for the lawful rules and regulations which govern the packaging, labeling, and selling of cannabis in your given state.

It’s no secret that regulated substances require very specific packaging requirements. When it comes to cannabis labeling, there are a wide variety of rules that can change depending on the state, the form of the substance, and the packaging container. Now, because of the brevity of this article and the expansive information on packaging and labeling regulations in the cannabis industry, we do not pretend to present an exhaustive list of cannabis labeling and packaging FAQs here. However, we do offer a few answers to some general questions. Read on to find out more about dispensary label printing and branding information.

Cannabis and CBD Label Regulations by State

Depending upon the state in which you are selling your product, the regulations that govern the information on your labels and packaging will vary. It is best to check directly with governmental offices for official rules and regulations, but here are a few general tips:

  • The THC percentage must be listed.

  • The CBD must be listed as well, if at all applicable. 

  • You’ll need to print the net weight in grams.

  • If your state requires testing, you’ll usually have to provide the lab and the testing number confirmation, as well as the date tested.

  • You’ll need to clearly indicate the strand name or product name.

Alongside the list above, state regulations may require more stringent rules on the information that may or may not be listed on your packaging. No matter what needs to be included or excluded, our team here at Derksen Co. is practiced in creating unique labels that comply with existing regulations.

CBD Label and Cannabis Packaging Solutions

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