Derksen Co. Unveils New Logo Design

Derksen Co. Logo

Printing Company in Omro, WI Updates Branding

The Derksen Co. logo recently went through a redesign to update the company’s outward aesthetic and coordinate its branding efforts. Aiming to emphasize both the company’s roots and to embody a sense of innovation, the new logo represents a synthesis of old and new imagery combined to produce the new face of Derksen Co. as it looks towards the future of printing and labeling.

Past, Present, and Future

The new Derksen Co. logo design was created with a modern, simplistic approach, incorporating clean lines and minimalistic details. It combines three elements: the silhouette of a tree, the Derksen Co. name, and the Derksen Co. tagline. The tree was chosen for a variety of reasons. First, it hails back to the one of the original Derksen Co. logos, nodding to the company's history and acknowledging its evolutionary progress to become the company it is today. Secondly, the tree represents Derksen Co.’s new initiatives towards offering sustainable label solutions. Thirdly, the tree itself represents renewal and growth, two key emotive elements we aim to portray and achieve in all we do. The Derksen Co. name hails from our origins as a wholesale company founded by Herman Derksen in 1863. From H. Derksen & Sons Co. then to Derksen Co. as it stands today, we hope that this logo will embody the sense of progress that has been synonymous with the Derksen name throughout the company’s long history.

Custom Labels | Barcoding | Printing

The tagline for the new Derksen Co. logo is comprised of the three pillars that make up Derksen Co.’s products and services. Custom labels, barcoding, and printing are at the heart of what Derksen Co. does. To find out more about Derksen Co.’s services and product offerings, contact a team member at or by calling (920) 685-4000. You can also write a message to a representative by using the inquiries page, or navigate to the contact us page for more information

Nikita Willeford