Label Applicators for the Beer, Wine and Liquor Industries

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Round and Square Bottle Label Application Equipment

Taking your product to market involves more than producing your label. Though artwork and design are fundamental components to a successful product offering, there are a number of practical supplies and considerations that producers need to take into account in order to optimize their label production and increase the success of their products. Today, we’re looking at label applicators for the beer, wine and liquor industries. Take a look!

Round and Tamp Product Labeling Devices

To create a successful label production operation, the tools involved need to fit the product. For the beer, wine, and liquor industries, this means round bottle label applicators and tamp applicators. Round bottle applicators can accommodate traditionally cylindrical containers and tamp applicators can suit more creatively-shaped product receptacles, such as square bottles or other product containers that have a semi-flat, or flat, surface. You’ll want to choose a label application device that can accommodate the size and shape of your packaging. Round product label applicators come in a variety of sizes and can suit a great range of bottle sizes. Tamp label applicators can accommodate a multitude of other shapes and can be very helpful for producers who need to apply labels to products that have differing shapes and sizes.


Here at Derksen Co., we supply Take-a-Label equipment to product producers for their labeling needs. Take-a-Label offers a wide range of products including label applicators, rewinders, and dispensers in manual, semi-automatic, and automatic options. Take-a-Label has over a quarter of a century of experience producing high-quality, reliable products for labeling.


The TAL-3100C is a continuous duty tamp label applicator. Built to accommodate a range of label sizes, this applicator will suit flat and oval shaped product containers.

View the TAL-3100C product information sheet.


The TAL-3100T is a tamp label applicator. This device is designed to accommodate both flat and oval shaped products. This applicator is easy to use and constructed to be efficient and precise.

View the TAL-3100T product information sheet.

Label applicators for the beer, wine and liquor industries are just a part of what we do here at Derksen Co. To find out more about label rewinders, applicators, and dispensers, contact one of our team members at You can reach us by calling 920-685-4000 or by filling out an inquiry form. Further details on label application equipment quotes and sales can be found on our Kinnek listing.

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